CW2 Romy Camargo

Rumola “Romy” Comargo was born on September 28, 1975.  Romy entered the U.S. Army on April 6, 1995.  Romy met Gabriela met in Venezuela 24 years ago and were married on September 30, 2006.  CW2 Comargo has served with the 7th Special Froces Group, 1st Battallion, 75th Ranger Regiment.  CW2 Comargo’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star (2OLC), Meritorious Service Medal (MSM, 1OLC), Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM, 2OLC), Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM), Ranger Tab, Special Forces Tab and Master Parachutist Badge.  CW2 Comargo’s most memorable moment is when he graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course.  In 2008 CW2 Comargo was a seasoned fighter on his third tour in Afghanistan.  On a mission to destroy a damaged piece of equipment near Kandahar, Afghanistan, the Army Ranger and his unit were ambushed. Fighting their way out of the attack, Camargo was shot in the neck.  That wound left him paralyzed from the neck down.  But Comargo is still in uniform and determined to stay that way.[1]  “Comargo spends his days at home outside Tampa with his wife and two children, Alina & Andress, close enough for him to keep in touch with his buddies posted to Special Operations Command.  He also spends time counseling other wounded service members.”[2]